Some favourites

“Haunted”Funicular Magazine, 2018
“The Cabin in Bellwood”Oxidant | Engine, 2018
“Academia”Bombus Press, 2018
“The Granddaughter’s Tale”The Hunger, 2018
“Today I Learned It Was You” and “In this one:”IDK Magazine, 2018
“I tell the ghost”Cotton Xenomorph, 2018
“Scott says”, OCCULUM, 2018


“My own ghost through the foliage”Bombus Press, 2018
“shark / tooth / stitch”Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, 2018
“Spring”, “The Magician’s Trick”, and “First nightmare in the second apartment”Menacing Hedge, 2018
“Fury”Sad Girl Review, 2018
“Lazarus”Red Queen Literary Magazine, 2018
“Canis Chalcedonus Somniculosus”Sooth Swarm Journal, 2018
“In which your mother takes me by the hand and quietly informs me the world has disappeared”Daphne Magazine, 2017
“Robin Williams II”Moonchild Magazine, 2017
Le Moutin Noir”, and “What it is about to do”The Maynard, 2017
“Salt”Bywords, 2017
“April”“August”, and “September”Raspberry Magazine, 2017
November 3″Apricity Press, 2016


“Didn’t you have anything to fall back on when your band was killed by blackbirds? or, a love poem for Nathan Explosion”Poetry Is Dead, the metal issue
“But O the Internet is Rife with Hierarchies!” and “Q-Tips™,” Echolocation magazine
“Jess’s Hair”Spy Kids Review, 2018
“Cohen’s Diagnosis”Half Mystic Press, 2017
“The place is falling apart around us”The Louden Singletree, 2016
“Everything Breaks Open”, and “Jolie Laide”The Louden Singletree, 2015


“Terminator”, The George Johnston Prize, honourable mention, 2018
“Clair, obscur, accueil”, the PRISM international Grouse Grind Lit Prize, longlisted, 2017


“Saint Aphorism,” Acta Victoriana
“Solanum lycopersicum cerasiforme”, Sobotka Lit Mag
“Tkk-tssss,” Funicular Magazine



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