The Dessa Bayrock Lightning Round

PhD student in English at Carleton University
Secretary on the board of directors of the Red Press Society
Co-organizer of Riverdale: a land of contrasts,” a 2018 semi-academic conference about, yes, the TV show Riverdale. (And you can read my choose-your-own-adventure fan fiction online, if you want!)
Volunteer slush pile reader for Augur Magazine and The Louden Singletree
Literary arts curator and books columnist for Raspberry Magazine
Blogger at Bayrock, Bookrock (defunct) and New Book in the House (also defunct)
On-again-off-again book reviewer for the Ottawa Review of Books
Co-creator and producer of Best Canadian Book Club podcast (forthcoming)
Ex-records clerk at Library and Archives Canada
Ex-journalist from The Chilliwack Times (defunct) and The Cascade.
Ex-alumni rep and community rep on the board of directors for the Cascade Journalism Society (2013-2016)
Ex-editorial board member and webmaster for The Louden Singletree (2015)
Sheepish creator of YOLOCAT.
Enthusiastic third base for the last-place team in Ottawa’s most recreational softball league. (Update: we’ve won, like, three games this season! We’re doing so well!)
Drawn, in this website’s header, by the talented Anthony Biondi

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